Covid-19 Case and closure.

Last week, someone who was in The Bridge Year 6 – 8 session on Tuesday tested positive for Covid-19. In The Bridge, we take every precaution to clean, remain socially distant and wear masks. On Tuesday, there were only seven people in the building, which would suggest a minimal risk. As per the NHS guidance, staff and young people who were in attendance on Tuesday have been asked to isolate.

We can confirm that the person with a positive test result did not know they had symptoms until Wednesday, and we were informed over the weekend of the positive test. This, unfortunately, means that we will not be running Tuesday sessions this week whilst our staff isolate.

This ties us neatly into our response to the Governments announcement on the 31st November that we would be going into a month-long lockdown. This means that we will have to close all of our sessions until further notice.

We hope that you join us in feeling that this last half-term was a lot of fun and we so enjoyed seeing you again after such a long absence. We’re disappointed to have to close again, but we know that it’s all for the best.

So, stay safe, stay sane, and we’ll see you on the other side!

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