These are strange days, but thankfully although it's unusual to have to book to come to The Bridge, you're probably used to this kind of procedure by now. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, we're unable to have more than ten young people in the building at any one time. Although this is sad news, we have doubled the number of sessions we offer, so you have more opportunities to come.

A few things to be aware of before you book:

  1. Young people will be required to wear a face-covering: Staff will also be equipped with transparent face masks.
  2. You can still pay with cash: However, the online booking system allows for card payment in the Add-ons section, this feature allows for you to pre-buy sweets and fizzy drinks as well.
  3. There is a new entrance and exit procedure at The Bridge: You will enter using the usual door, but all young people will exit out of the door further down in the car park. Parents, please do not park in the Taxi bays. Please park in Sainsbury's are walk over to collect.
  4. You can book for up to five young people: We do expect that friendship groups might want to book together and so you can feel free to arrange with friends and then book sessions together.