Securing the Future of The Bridge

We are now in our 30th year and we'll be actively fundraising during the year to secure the future of The Bridge for future generations.

The Big Give Campaign raised £12000, which included £6000 of matched funding.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to achieving this great result.

Welcome to The Bridge!

The Bridge Youth Centre exists to create opportunities for young people. Helping them succeed as they grow. The core elements of our programme are:

  • Sessions
  • Young Volunteer Training
  • Mentor Support

All our staff and volunteers love working in The Bridge environment to support young people. Everything we do sits within a core curriculum, which helps to guide how we respond to the young people who attend our activities.

In the centre we have game consoles, IPADS, Air Hockey and a great Pool Table. In addition to many other excellent resources, our team are also on hand to facilitate group games, workshops and crafts